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SETUP FEE - $300
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SETUP FEE - $400
Features include:
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SETUP FEE - $500
Features include:
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Transparent, Clear and Detailed Pricing

Unlike any other google ads agency, our pricing is structured with clarity, detail, and transparency


Ideal for startups and small businesses looking to establish a professional online presence.


A lead generation tool designed to attract the right audience, & convert visits into leads.


Reservation Booking website designed to streamline the appointment scheduling process


A robust e-commerce platform equipped with all the tools needed to sell your products online

Essentials SEO

This plan lays the groundwork for SEO success, focusing on keyword research, on-page optimization and basic link-building strategies

Advanced SEO

This plan builds upon the basics with more comprehensive keywords and backlink strategies, and a comprehensive SEO Audit

Elite SEO

The Elite SEO plan includes advanced SEO tactics, such as technical SEO improvements, link-building campaigns and more


Common Questions on Google Ads

What is PPC and how does it relate to Google Ads?

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a form of online advertising where you pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Google Ads uses this model and is a powerful tool managed by Google. As a leading Google Ads agency, we specialize in managing these ads to help businesses attract more visitors effectively and efficiently.

Absolutely, Google Ads are highly effective because they deliver your ads to users at the exact moment they are searching for your products or services. This timely and targeted approach ensures that your ads reach the right audience when they are most likely to make a decision, giving you a significant advantage in converting interest into sales.

The timeline for seeing effective results from Google Ads can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the type of business, industry specifics, and the quality of your campaign setup. For most search campaigns managed through a Google Ads agency in Montreal, you could begin to see results within a few days to weeks if your ads are well-crafted and your website is optimized for conversions. Display campaigns might take a bit longer to start generating outcomes

Generally, it may take up to three months for a new Google Ads campaign to fully mature and accumulate the necessary data for optimization. This is particularly true for campaigns targeting specific or niche markets, where unique or urgent products and services, such as emergency repairs, might achieve quicker results.

Investing in Google Ads management services can streamline this process, ensuring that your PPC packages are effectively tailored to meet your goals. Remember, patience is crucial; as data builds up, continuous testing and optimization are key to maximizing your return on investment. On average, companies earn $3 CAD for every $2 CAD spent on Google Ads, demonstrating the potential for positive returns with a well-managed strategy

Google Ads allows you to control your spending by setting an average daily budget based on your monthly budget. For example, with a monthly budget of $500 CAD, your daily budget would be approximately $16.40 CAD. Google ensures that your total monthly spend does not exceed your limit. 

As a leading Montreal Google Ads agency, we use tools like SEMrush for precise keyword research to help tailor your budget and optimize campaign performance, starting with a manageable budget and scaling as needed based on results. Explore our Google Ads price list for more details.

Opting for Raw Art Media for your Google Ads management ensures expert handling of your advertising campaigns, maximizing both efficiency and return on investment. As a specialized Google Ads agency in Montreal, we excel in precise targeting and optimization, customizing Google Ads and PPC packages to your specific needs.

Our team’s deep expertise in Google Ads management allows us to save you time and enhance ad performance by continuously refining strategies based on comprehensive analytics. Trust Raw Art Media to align your campaigns with your business goals, driving targeted traffic and boosting conversions effectively.

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