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E-Commerce and Online Reservation Websites

Le Ring Boxing Academy

Complete E-Commerce Website Redesign

Le Ring By Outsider

Elite Boxing Accademy in Montreal

Le Ring by Outsider, led by professional boxer Stéphane Malenou, is Montreal’s distinguished boxing academy dedicated to excellence and personal growth. It’s a community where passion meets expertise, offering unparalleled boxing training and transformative experiences.

Collaborations for Empowerment

Le Ring proudly partners with educational institutions like Pensionnat du Saint-Nom-de-Marie and Collège Jean-de-Brebeuf, introducing boxing as a powerful tool for physical and mental well-being, empowerment, and self-defense, especially for young girls and college students.

Top-tier training for all levels

Transformative Coaching for Personal & Athletic Growth

A network of elite coaches from Montreal to the world's boxing capitals

Overcoming Digital and Operational Hurdles

Outdated Digital Presence

The academy’s website was outdated, failing to effectively communicate the range and depth of services offered, including private, group, kids, and women’s boxing lessons.

Inconsistent Branding

The lack of a consistent brand image across platforms diluted Le Ring’s identity, making it harder for potential members to recognize and connect with the academy’s values.

Inefficient Reservation System

The reliance on a third-party platform (SquareUp) for class reservations and bookings introduced a disjointed, off-brand experience filled with user experience issues. This made the booking process complicated.

Merchandising Limitations

Previously, there was no direct avenue for members and fans to purchase branded merchandise, missing an opportunity for brand reinforcement and additional revenue.

Our Comprehensive Solution

Complete Website Redesign

Our team reimagined the website into an intuitive, seamless design that guides visitors from the initial discovery to decisive action. This redesign prioritizes the user experience, making navigation a journey of discovery and engagement.

Seamless Integration of Commerce and Booking:

To eliminate the friction and disconnection of the previous third-party booking system, we integrated a streamlined store and reservation system directly into Le Ring’s site. This strategic enhancement allows members and newcomers to easily book classes and purchase branded merchandise in a unified, brand-consistent environment. 

Consistent Branding

We made sure everything on the website looks and feels like Le Ring. From the pictures to the words we use, everything tells the story of Le Ring’s passion for boxing and building a strong community.

First Nations Coffee

Lead Generation Website
Explore Design +

First Nation's Cofee

Empowering Indigenous Futures with Every Sip

First Nations Coffee transcends the ordinary to become a beacon of hope and empowerment in Quebec, Canada. This visionary brand combines the rich flavor of 100% Arabica coffee with a profound mission to support First Nations communities. With every purchase, customers contribute to indigenous charities, driving positive change and nurturing the future of First Nations peoples. Join a movement where your morning coffee becomes a ritual of support and empowerment, making a tangible difference in the lives of many.

What Sets them Apart

Supporting over 10 Indigenous Charities

50,000+ Community Members Impacted Annually

A remarkable 40% of sales go directly to Indigenous Charities!

The Challenge:

Creating Awareness in a Crowded Market

The coffee industry is saturated, with numerous brands vying for consumer attention. Breaking through this clutter to highlight a unique mission-focused brand like First Nations Coffee required more than just quality products; it necessitated a compelling narrative that could capture the hearts and minds of potential supporters.

Establishing a Digital Footprint

With no existing online presence, First Nations Coffee faced the critical task of building its identity from scratch in the digital realm. This challenge was not only about creating visibility but also about forging a connection with a global audience who values ethical consumption and social impact.

Overcoming Initial Skepticism

New brands, especially those with ambitious social missions, often encounter skepticism from consumers accustomed to established names. Building trust and credibility was crucial for First Nations Coffee to convert interest into tangible support and sales.

Crafting a Website for Growth and Awareness

Bilingual Website Creation

We developed a simple yet powerful four-page website, accessible in both English and French, designed to introduce First Nations Coffee to the world. Its intuitive design and search engine-friendly structure ensure visibility and ease of access, serving as the brand’s initial touchpoint with consumers and supporters.

Direct Charity Engagement

The website thoughtfully links directly to the charity pages, fostering transparency and direct engagement, allowing supporters to see the impact of their contributions firsthand.

Future-Ready Design

Anticipating the brand’s evolution, the site is built for scalability, including plans to introduce an e-commerce platform. This forward-thinking approach ensures that as First Nations Coffee grows, its digital presence will seamlessly expand to include online sales, furthering its mission and reach.

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    Live Love Lash Extensions Avatar Live Love Lash Extensions
    October 15, 2023
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    Alejandra Ruiz Avatar Alejandra Ruiz
    December 22, 2023

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    sean alavizadeh Avatar sean alavizadeh
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    Queeny Nguyen Avatar Queeny Nguyen
    October 18, 2023

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