$2,400 Canadian Government Grant for Small Business

Discover how the CDAP grant that’s supported by the Canadian government, offers a golden opportunity for small businesses across Canada to enhance their digital presence.

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Calculator displaying $2,400 alongside money, cash, and coins illustration, symbolizing the financial boost provided by the CDAP grant for small businesses in Canada, emphasizing the substantial support from small business grants government of Canada

Benefits of the CDAP Grant for Your Business

Today, staying competitive means embracing online growth. The CDAP Grow Your Business Online grant is a golden opportunity for SMEs across Quebec, Ontario and Canada to secure up to $2,400 for digital expansion. Here’s why tapping into this resource could be a game-changer for your business:

Broaden Your Digital Transactions

This grant isn't only for traditional e-commerce. Any business that integrates online payments can benefit. The aim is to support a diverse range of businesses in adopting e-commerce capabilities.

Enhance Cybersecurity

Leverage the CDAP grant to protect your digital transactions and customer data with the latest security software. This critical investment builds customer trust and credibility in the digital sphere

Enhance Sales and Operations Online

The CDAP grant offers your business $2400 to adopt digital tools that streamline your operations and enhance the online shopping or booking experience, setting a strong foundation for growth.

Improve User Experience

Elevate your website and social platforms to make them more user-friendly and engaging. A seamless experience from browsing to payment can significantly boost customer satisfaction and retention.

Expand Customer Engagement

Leverage various digital marketing and social media strategies to engage a wider audience effectively. Increased visibility and engagement drive customer loyalty and brand awareness.

CDAP Grant Application Process

Step 1: Check Eligibility

Take the quick assessment below to see if your business qualifies for the CDAP grant, setting the stage for your digital transformation.

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Step 2: Connect with Us

As seasoned consultants, we have a successful history with multiple CDAP grants approved for clients in various industries.

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Step 3: Application Assistance

We streamline the application process, offering advice on your digital strategy and ensuring your application is complete

CDAP Grant Eligibility Test

Take the Eligibility Test to see if your business qualifies!

Can Your Business Benefit from E-Commerce Capabilities?

Leverage the CDAP Grant with Raw Art Media

Many business owners hear “e-commerce” and immediately think of online stores selling products. While that’s a significant aspect, the CDAP grant’s scope is broader, encompassing a variety of digital transactions and customer interactions. Whether you’re offering online reservations, courses, or services, the CDAP grant is designed to facilitate your digital transformation, making it a valuable asset for diverse business models aiming to enhance their online presence and capabilities.

Online shopping illustration for a retail shop, highlighting the small business grant Canada for digital transformation with shopping bags and credit cards, supported by the Canadian government grant for small business

Retail Shops

Imagine your boutique or specialty store reaching customers nationwide with an online storefront. The CDAP grant can transform your business, enabling e-commerce capabilities that extend your market reach far beyond your local community.

Illustration of a digital ordering system in a restaurant, supported by the Canadian government grant for small business, enhancing dining experiences with the cdap grant

Restaurants and Cafés

Integrate an online ordering system for your culinary offerings. With our guidance, tap into the convenience of takeout and delivery options that cater to the digital consumer, enhancing your service and expanding your customer base.

Laundry service delivery illustration, showcasing the benefits of the CDAP grant for service providers in Canada, improving customer convenience

Service Providers

From beauty salons to consultancy firms, an online booking system streamlines your appointments, while a robust digital marketing strategy attracts new clients. Let's harness the CDAP grant to make your services more accessible and efficient.

Teacher and student in a classroom illustration, exemplifying the use of the Canadian government small business grant for educational platforms

Educational Ventures

For those offering courses or workshops, the grant can support the creation of an online platform. Enroll students, deliver content, and secure payments online, opening doors to learners from anywhere at any time.

Modern dental clinic illustration, depicting the impact of small business grants government of Canada on healthcare service digitalization for services like dental web design and dental SEO

Health and Wellness Businesses

Move your fitness classes, wellness sessions, or personal coaching online. We'll guide you in setting up virtual classes with easy booking and payment, expanding your clientele beyond geographical limitations.

Snow-covered chalet illustration, representing hospitality businesses like Airbnbs leveraging the Ontario grant for small business for online bookings.

Hospitality and Tourism Operators

Upgrade your online booking capabilities to offer travelers a seamless reservation experience. From small hotels to tour services, digital enhancements can significantly boost bookings and customer satisfaction.

Woodworking artist at work illustration, illustrating artists using the CDAP grant Canada to sell creations online, expanding market reach

Artists and Craftsmen

Showcase and sell your creations through an online shop. The CDAP grant can help you establish a global audience for your handmade goods, breaking the constraints of local markets.

Accountant using digital tools illustration, highlighting the efficiency gains for professional services through government grants for small business in Canada

Professional Services

Digitize your operations with tools for project management, client engagement, and online billing. Whether you're an accountant, IT consultant, or marketing expert, digital transformation streamlines your workflow and enhances service delivery.

"Rawad from Raw Art Media reached out to us about the possibility of building us a website. We did not have a budget allocated for a website and so they went out of their way to help us secure the CDAP Digital Marketing government grant, allowing us to build a website for free and start receiving direct bookings! they also synced the website with our airbnb listing to avoid double bookings. They handled all this with extreme professionalism, and explained everything in details and were extremely honest. We highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with their digital marketing needs! 10/10"
Omar Hejazin
Owner / Chalet Zain


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    Rawad from Raw Art Media reached out to us about the possibility of building us a website. We did not have a budget allocated for a website and so they... read more

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